Da Vinci
of High Fashion


One of the leading image-makers of the country who invented the images for celebrities, socialites, prepared for broadcasts stars and politicians, exhibited his collections on the main runways of the country and created costumes for performances and shows, opened a beauty salon and atelier in Moscow, whose impeccable taste was marked by awards of international competitions and generosity of grateful customers.

Evgenyi invented a unique dress - Glass Dress, twenty years ago, that looks like made of glass. The idea was too bold and impractical, therefore it has remained in oblivion for a long time, but designer has improved, over the years, the structure of the material and achieved a combination of spectacular appearance and comfortable use. Now, this truly amazing innovative work of modern art is ready to appear to the world! First and foremost, Evgenyi plans to propose it to persons from the red carpets, so that we would finally begin to discuss and not to condemn what they are wearing.

Elaborate image were burdened with details in fashion today, but the red carpet is an exception. Only masterpieces are shown here!
The new status and opportunities allowed Evgenyi to take the idea of Glass Dress to a new level. It's not just a beautiful dress now, but a real scientific development: the outfit weighs 4 kilos but does not put pressure on the body and does not restrict movements. Every detail was designed with the precision of a perfectionist, even Swarovski Crystal are placed with a certain specially thought-out manner.
Евгений Трефилов Евгений Трефилов
Each dress is created individually on order, work on it is taken more than a month. In the near future, some models will be available on the principle of auction - bidding will be held on a special website. Then, the high society will see the dresses that are being prepared for pre-order for several important persons. Evgenyi is sure that the interest in the development will not be limited to the country. He plans to conquer Cannes and Hollywood.
The whole world is watching the success of Russian programmers, chemists and physicists. The time has come for a new type of hero. Mathematician from the world of fashion and beauty, which have devised a formula of the new dress.